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Anwen Aromatherapy & Wellness,

offers you therapy sessions and wellness programmes

that have been designed to help you relax, rebalance and recharge in our chaotic modern world.

You will receive a professional and compassionate service that has your wellbeing in mind.

As an aromatherapist at a professional level, I can appreciate that in our age of ‘quick fixes,’ misinformation is promoted within the concept of ‘wellness for all.’ To counteract misunderstandings around essential oil use, I believe in safety through awareness; Through my business and Aromatherapy practice, I try to deliver this in a balanced and informative way.


So hop on board, let’s share the learning!

Suzie x



I have to give thanks to Suzie for an amazing service following my request for aromatherapy oils. she is more than a therapist, she is a friend and a kind and caring soul. Suzie expertly and intuitively knew what I needed and delivered a beautiful bespoke product. Thank you so much, I will recommend you to everyone!


I had a wonderful aromatherapy massage with Suzie a little while back. She put me totally at ease, whilst being very knowledgeable about the blends and oils she was using. Filling me in on the benefits of each as she used them.
A very soothing and uplifting experience, where you felt you full trust her to guide you in all the right directions. 
It was at a time when I was suffering from PMS and cramps, and she really tailored her choices towards this, and adapted the massage to my needs.
I would 100% reccomend Anwen Aromatherapy for any of your aromatherapy needs!! Suzie got you covered.


I was lucky enough to receive a treatment from Anwen Aromatherapy a little while ago. I was suffering from stress and anxiety and was really hoping the healing would help. It certainly did. I felt in very safe hands and quickly relaxed. The treatment was wonderful and I felt the results for days to come. I was able to sleep for the first time in weeks and felt so much lighter in myself. I cannot recommend Anwen Aromatherapy enough.


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