If you have been struggling mentally, physically or emotionally, we can look deeper at the reasons why, and use aromatherapy to help bring you back to a state of balance.

All therapies listed below are aimed at helping you reduce stress and encourage feelings of relaxation.

Visit the Relaxation Therapy page to find out more about the benefits. 

Each therapy session is conducted in a space of love and support, helping you to 

Heal, Strengthen & Shine

(If you’re not sure which therapy would be best for you, please get in touch for free guidance.)

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Let’s talk essential oils - how to use them, which oils are safe for you to use in consideration of your personal circumstance. We can also look at bespoke products such as oils, creams, inhalers or bath salts etc. that will be created for you and sent out after our online consultation. 

See our page on Aromatherapy which gives more detail

£40 – 45 minutes

(includes supply (and postage when required) of any bespoke products created for you, or any hands on treatment given as part of this session)


A beautiful synergy of two therapies that will help relax, rebalance and recharge your energy on every level. Where standard Reiki becomes that something more…

Crystal Therapy is also offered instead of, or in addition to this session.

£30 – 1 hour

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A reading using aromatherapy cards to give an overview on the current energy surrounding you at this time; what you need to release, focus on and look towards as well as any other considering factors. 

Note: This is not a prediction of the future, and I am not responsible for how you interpret the meanings of the cards in relevance to your personal circumstances. This should be seen for entertainment purpose only. That said all readings are conducted from a place of love with your wellbeing in mind. 

£15 – sent out within 48 hours of your request or can be scheduled via voice/video call


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