The aim of guidance readings is to bring a sense of comfort to you during confusing and perhaps challenging times. I’m not promising to tell your future, but guidance readings can bring a feeling of clarity and reassurance when we’re not sure what direction to take our lives, when things may seem a bit overwhelming and we may just need a bit of help to put our mind at rest. I will help you determine where your focus needs to be at the present time and guide you into what issues may need to be released for that to happen.

Once your reading is purchased it will be sent through at your allocated time via email including an image or images of your cards. If you are unhappy with your reading, please contact me within 48 hours for a 50% refund.

Disclaimer: Due to personal interpretation thee readings must be seen as and accepted for entertainment purpose only. 

As I am not aware of your personal circumstance, I cannot be held responsible for any meaning you may take from my deliverance of the meanings for the cards. 

I treat approach every reading with compassion, discretion and honesty. 

Readings can sometimes touch on delicate subjects which will be handled with a caring and professional attitude.


A quick glance at your past, present, future, summarising the energy around you at the current moment.


A full 8 card reading looking in detail at current challenges, what needs to be released, your present focus and what you may need to be aware of should you stay on your current path.

Guidance Readings